Small Fireplaces – Gel Fuel, Electric, Attached To The Wall or Digital?

Although the majority of today’s homes no more depend on the hearth for heating purposes, they’re still very popular.  Tabletop fireplaces will invariably possess a special allure. The vision of cozying up before a roaring fire, mug of hot cocoa in hands, while snow falls lightly outdoors your window or near a rippling fire while both you and your beloved spend an intimate evening together are a couple of appealing scenarios that could spring to mind when considering a hearth. If you reside in a little home, apartment or condominium, you might not possess the luxury of the built-in hearth. However, you can buy a hearth that will squeeze into the tiniest of spaces. There are numerous options to select from.

Included in this are:

Virtual/Digital fireplaces

Compact fireplaces

Wall-mounted fireplaces

Tabletop fireplaces

Whether your look leans more toward modern, contemporary or any place in-between, among the above-pointed out tabletop fireplaces would suite it perfectly.

Electric or Gel Fuel Fireplaces

When searching into investing in a hearth for the small space, you’ll uncover that some use gel fuel yet others electric. The benefits are generally are eco-friendly, don’t require venting or special hook-ups and therefore are neat and odor-free. However, you might want to think about the cost and ease of both prior to making a specific small space hearth purchase.

Gel Fuel                                 

Each gel fuel can lasts roughly 3 hrs. They are available in a situation of twenty-four and price $65 typically. By doing the calculations, it may be determined that certain situation of gel fuel can last around 72 hrs. Because of the cost, most retailers will tell you that small fireplaces running on gel fuel mostly are for decorative purposes instead of heating.


The benefit of investing in a small hearth that operates on electricity is the simplicity. It’s also unnecessary to invest your energy (as well as gas), to create journeys towards the store to obtain what’s needed to help keep the hearth going. The disadvantage is your utility bill may increase considerably. However, this is often remedied by monitoring how long the hearth is being used.

Virtual/Digital Fireplaces for Small Spaces

Many might not think about a virtual hearth like a serious hearth option. However, prior to it being wiped off completely, it ought to be noted that modern tools has introduced the virtual hearth a lengthy way in the mock fireplaces of yesteryear. Today’s virtual fireplaces are essentially a DVD that you simply put in your television or pc that produces a practical illusion of the crackling fire. The DVD loops around and plays continuously before you power it down.

Based on your expectations, you might find yourself disappointed either by the caliber of the recording or that it’s simply not “real” enough for you personally. However, an online hearth is ideal for small spaces. For those who have room for any television or computer, you’re already a measure nearer to getting a hearth. At least 70 a facsimile from the real factor, but it’s worth searching into for those who have only a little space and you need to add a glow of romance or even the warm cozy believe that a genuine hearth adds to your rooms.

Compact Fireplaces Designed for Small Spaces

An ordinary size hearth is about 40-50 inches wide. Individuals in the plethora of 25-35 inches wide would classify like a compact or small hearth. Most traditional fireplaces can be found only in floor models. Tabletop fireplace are excellent space savers as numerous are made as corner units.

Wall-Mounted Fireplaces Ideal for Small Spaces

Wall-mounted fireplaces clearly occupy no space on the floor. Because of this alone, a wall-mounted hearth could be considered the best wide saving design. In case your style in décor is traditional, you might have difficulty locating a wall-mounted hearth to suite your taste since many possess a contemporary feel and look. However, as wall-mounted fireplaces rise in recognition, it’s probable the selection will grow offering more variety in design.

Tabletop Fireplaces Distinctively Created for Small Spaces

Tabletop fireplaces have been in a word “unique”. If you do not want the ground model or wall-mounted hearth, however, you need a small hearth that isn’t only fun, but additionally unusual, a tabletop hearth might be what you are trying to find.

From the electric glass-fire tabletop hearth made particularly to boost viewing dancing flames to some contemporary tabletop hearth with stainless logs installed on a slate base, these small-scale fireplaces are miniature pieces of art that will likely do well conversation starters.


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